Podcast editing and audio design

Podcast & audio editing

imageMake Your Break is a podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs.
Whether you are a wedding photographer, designer, florist, videographer or any other type of creative, and at any stage of your business, you’ll learn something from these episodes.
The show is hosted by Jai Long and is full of tips, inspiration and interviews with industry leaders.


Jason Swenk runs a unique consultancy agency helping marketing agency owners grow their agencies faster.

The Smart Agency Master Class Podcast  is the #1 Digital Agency Podcast that interviews the best of the best in the Agency World.

tiny-course-empire-podcast-cover-artMarketing tips & tech talk for small business owners.
Tiny Course Empire podcast is a show hosted by Cindy Bidar.
Each week you’ll hear actionable tips, real-world strategies, and plenty of practical advice about turning your expertise and experience into digital courses, and your courses into a profitable, sustainable business.

With more than 10 years of hands-on experience managing operations and marketing for six- and seven-figure businesses, Cindy knows a thing or two about how to launch and grow an online empire. She’ll help you make sense of the technology, turn seemingly monumental projects into bite-sized tasks, and design repeatable systems that create predictable results.


Transformational Leadership is a podcast hosted by Henna Inam.
She is on a mission to grow each of us in our capacity to be transformational leaders. She believes that this world and workplace needs leaders at every level who are inspired by the work they do and lead with agility from the core of who they are. She works with leaders and teams who have missions that matter and want to transform themselves in service of those missions.
Her clients are world-famous companies such as Google, CNN, AT & T, Coca Cola, Deloitte, Microsoft, Nestle, Novartis, Dell and many more.

Cover Energ' Ethic PodcastMarine Cornelis is working for clean energy, sustainable development, fighting against energy poverty and climate change.
Energ’Ethic is a bimonthly podcast, where she meets people who are dedicating their lives to sustainability, climate justice and the energy transition, either as activists, scientists or policymakers.
Learn more about Marine & her work at NextEnergyConsumer.eu.

Liberation Mentor podcastNic Gregoriades is an entrepreneur, martial artist, and transformation mentor from Cape Town, South Africa, and one of my favorite clients.
He’s also an accomplished entrepreneur, having built two successful online businesses. He now helps men make profound life-changes and reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives and this podcast “The Liberation Mentor” plays a great role in his journey.

EnterTheLionHeartJiu Jitsu Black belt Lawrence Dunning is a man who has it all.
Not only is he a decorated competitor, he’s also a successful businessman who has found success in two completely different industries.
“Enter the LionHeart” podcast carries the conversations about all the the different aspects of living the best life; a combination of Fitness, Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Spiritual Health, Mind Altering Experiences, Philosophy, Finance, Real Estate, History, Positivity and Longevity.

The-Road-Created-PodcastThe Road Created‘s a podcast by Emily Kidd, a destination wedding photographer and adventure-seeker.
This podcast is for creative entrepreneurs who want to travel the world and build a sustainable business. This podcast delivers education and inspiration for destination wedding photographers and elopement photographers. It’s a mix of interviews with experts in the industry and solo episodes.

Ryan TeagueRyan Teague’s an Australian photographer and his podcast,
Escaping The Ordinary shares inspiring interviews that challenge the way of thinking, that leaves with implementable tasks to grow, scale, and succeed in business, photography, and life.

LogoFiona Garrivan‘s a funeral celebrant from Melbourne, Australia.
She’s very brave because she openly talks about, despite the fact that we try to avoid talking about it, sometime in our life we will all experience the death of someone we love.
That’s why she created this podcast to help navigate the difficult time of the death of a loved one.

ChiefinIn a culture filled with opposing views, drama, and stress filled media,
Bryce and Daniel serve to deliver content to entertain,
distract, and amuse…

They keep it Chiefin.


Barefoot Alchemy Podcast by Yoga Brotherhood is a podcast created by Jaime Lamaro. The podcast is not just about Yoga.
It’s a deep dive into holistic health, movement, sex, philosophy, shamanism.
Raw truth and no bullshit.

BM_Logo_FINAL-uai-258x58Matthew Walrath (Beyond Macros) said & I quote:
“Igor works quickly and the quality of his work is just as good as more expensive podcast producers I’ve used in the past. He is very organized, and has careful attention to detail.”


One of my favourite clients, dr Anthony Pellegrino has an interesting project and I’ve the opportunity to help him on his podcast series because each week he breaks down the most relevant chiropractic science and philosophy to empower anyone to change their community.

Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Podcast ArtworkThe Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood podcast represents a holistic approach to the study of the art. Series of podcast episodes introduces a lot of interesting people who have one thing in common: Sports & Jiu-Jitsu.

LogoJosh York has built GYMGUYZ into one of the fasting growing private companies according to the Inc. 500. Josh interview successful leaders and CEOs to share their stories and secrets to their multimillion-dollar empires!
(I had the honour to do first 3 episodes from Season 02)

Also had a pleasure to work with Sean Jones, a 28-year-old British voice-over artist from London. He holds the show in Sean Jones 2.0which he aims to help the youth and the people by interviewing established and up comers in the world of life and business.
With an honest view at helping and improving lives via, tips, insider knowledge, practical advice, motivation and how to’s.

CompostDuring the past several years,  I’ve also participated in several podcasting projects in cooperation with my friend
Compost Media Flow. Here you can find direct links to some of my work.

You can also find me on UpWork & Instagram & LinkedIn.

Audio design

I took part in several projects such as creating Radio Ads and Jingles for various marketing campaigns like Cappy Juice Radio Ad (The Coca-Cola Company),
Sports intro TV Ad (Serbian Broadcasting Corporation) and numerous Identity jingles for several Radio Stations.

During 2001 and 2002, I worked at KIM Radio (Gračanica, Kosovo) as an instructor, and my main activity was the training of personnel for digital audio editing.

Please visit my SoundCloud profile for more reference.

“Knitting” the Sound Waves
I call it „The Music of Frankenstein“.
I take samples from various songs, perform an autopsy and put them back together.

  • Compilation KUHINJA (2000), contributed with two songs: as an artist, 1024 x 1024 with the song „Ninja, Slow da Shit“, and as an artist Saved Ass – „Kosovo Futures“
    (in cooperation with my friend Aleksandar Jakovljević)

Here are some examples of my work:

Radio Gliglif  – Ron Jeremy Coupe Football Cup 1997

Ron Jeremy Coupe Football Cup 1997

Intro for the ecological show Serbia is suffocating (video by Aleksandar Jakovljević).
Another version of the intro for an ecological show (video by Aleksandar Jakovljević)
“Sports Planet”  for Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (video by Aleksandar Jakovljević).